A family of intelligent parts forming the backbone of our product system

BlueFox provides a unified solution for foot traffic analytics. The solution begins with small hardware sensors that listen for Wi-Fi probes spontaneously emitted by all mobile phones. Our sensors encrypt and compress these probes, dozens or thousands at a time, and forward them to our analytics servers in the cloud.

Our cloud servers record this data and analyze the data to generate metrics including the numbers of visitors and visits, visit dwell time, the number of unique visitors and unique visitor recurrence, and advanced metrics. BlueFox Applications Programming Interfaces (APIs) enable both BlueFox applications and third-party applications like Tableau and Looker to access and visualize the BlueFox data.

The primary end-user-facing applications delivered by BlueFox are web dashboards and mobile applications. The following sections describe each of these components in more detail.


BlueFox delivers several custom “sensors”, designed to our specifications, and manufactured by our supply chain partners. For the Count products, these sensors listen for Wi-Fi probes sent spontaneously by mobile phones and other devices. For the Engage product, these sensors broadcast an access point and host a landing page that allows consumers to opt-in to location-based services like message delivery.

Cloud infrastructure

BlueFox cloud infrastructure provides the foundation for BlueFox products and services. Our production services operate on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform and employ a variety of specialized, high-performance database technologies.


BlueFox and third-party applications communicate via the BlueFox RESTful APIs, which conform to the REST architectural style for easy integration into web applications. These APIs control user authentication, enforce access control privileges, and deliver data from BlueFox’s cloud servers.


The BlueFox Analytics Dashboard provides the user interface to manage sensors, to manage accounts, and to display visualizations of the foot traffic metrics.

Mobile applications

BlueFox Count for Android and iPhone

Bluefox Mobile Applications provide real-time data at your fingertips. The applications deliver the real-time visitor count, total visits each day, and visit history at the quarter-hour intervals.

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