BlueFox products are used by many industries.  Each of the three industries reviewed on these pages has several use cases that are essential to operating a business.  Applications range from defining and pricing products, to maximizing revenue and minimizing costs, to protecting staff and customers.

Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising

Advertisers expect quantified and audited opportunities-to-see, but also want much more, including reach-and-frequency and drive-to-store analytics.   Accurate, privacy-friendly measurement is essential for OOH operations, whether data are real time or historical.

Hospitality & Retail

BlueFox has been deployed to solve multiple challenges in the hospitality and retail industries.   Most applications of foot traffic analytics focus on operations management and include Guest Service, Food Waste, Safety, and Staffing.


Understanding current and historical occupancy data is critical to determining future risk. More relevant, accurate, and timely data can help insurers determine the best way to account for risk.  This same data helps insurers’ clients improve safety and save money.