About us

BlueFox, footfall analytics

Origins and Mission

BlueFox, Inc began development of the BlueFox technology in 2014.  Co-founder Guillaume de La Tour envisioned counting mobile phones as a proxy for counting people.  Co-founder Jan-Willem Korver used off-the-shelf routers to implement the concept with a combination of firmware and cloud software.

Early customers were concentrated in the hospitality and advertising industries.  Innovators like Sodexo, a world leader in food service, used the product to measure occupancy in their restaurants to better manage food production and reduce waste and expense.  JCDecaux, the world leader in out-of-home advertising, first used BlueFox to measure opportunity-to-see at street furniture in Hong Kong.

The company expanded its product line to offer sensors with cellular backhaul capabilities and cloud analytics to offer advanced capabilities like drive-to-store and traffic-flow.  

The BlueFox mission is to understand the presence and movement of people in a space so that businesses can make better decisions.  We do this in the advertising, hospitality, retail, real estate, education, and insurance industries.

We’re different because we care both about measuring foot traffic, and about consumer privacy.  Several approaches to foot traffic analytics are available on the market today.  Some, like cameras and computer vision, are slightly invasive.  Some, like applications that continuously track consumer location via GPS and report your whereabouts to resellers, are highly invasive.

Businesses prefer our solutions because we’re inexpensive to install, highly accurate, and offer easy-to-use analytics.  Consumers prefer our solutions because we do not collect any personal information, other than the MAC address of your cell phone which is anonymized within minutes.

In 2020 BlueFox became a product family of BlueZoo, Inc.   Today, BlueZoo Inc delivers services to customers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.  Our technology is protected by 5 patents and our products are GDPR-certified by ePrivacy, a leading European privacy specialist, based in Hamburg, Germany.

BlueZoo headquarters are in Silicon Valley (Menlo Park), but our team is worldwide.  Today, almost all of our work is performed remotely for the protection of our employees, our customers, and our partners during the Covid-19 pandemic.