Use Cases

BlueFox products deliver foot traffic analytics solutions for many use cases.  Several common use cases are listed below.

Safety & overcrowding

COVID-19 has added urgency to the need to manage crowds to ensure location safety.  Give consumers confidence that your store is safe by displaying occupancy on digital signage.  Rather than assign staff members to doorways all day to count visitor arrivals and departures, only assign them when necessary.

Advertising Audience Measurement

Present ad buyers with foot traffic statistics (impressions) to accurately quantify the Opportunity to See (OTS) of their ads.  Use quantitative, not qualitative, descriptors to sell ad space. Report accurate foot traffic data for each individual signage location for each quarter-hour of the day.

Advertising Audience Measurement in Real Time

Deliver foot traffic data in real time to enable digital out-of-home (DOOH) marketplaces.  Give your ad buyers what they get with online advertising campaigns and make possible online bidding systems for DOOH advertising sales.

Advertising efficiency

Does your advertising work?  How effective is your signage to direct people to your stores?  BlueFox Convert lets you measure the share of people who see your advertising that subsequently travel to your store.  Just as we help advertising sellers quantify views, we help them quantify desired outcomes.

Sales & demo booth traffic

Measuring the foot traffic of a booth within a retail store, shopping mall, or airport duty free is difficult.  Perimeter-watching solutions are unsuitable because there are no physical boundaries to separate the “booth” from its environment.  BlueFox counts foot-traffic at the booth and differentiates passersby from real shoppers.

Operations guidance

Does your retail store need to call more staff to the registers in anticipation of more check-outs?  When do you need more staff–or less–in your stores?  Should your dining facility prepare more meals or fewer meals based on foot traffic?  Maximize profits by adjusting your costs to match your demand.

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